Appenzell Pointed Crest Bantam
  Welcome to the site of the Appenzell Pointed Crest Bantam. The Appenzell Pointed Crest Bantam is officially standardized in december 2003 in the Netherlands. This new bantam breed is made by Herman van Olst, Vorden, the Netherlands.

Meanwhile there’s a dozen of fanciers of the new breed in the Netherlands, and also from abroad the interest increases. At this moment there are already breeders in Germany and Switzerland, the homeland of the ”large” Appenzeller Spitzhaube for over 300 years. As the Appenzeller Pointed Crest Bantam is a miniature of the Appenzeller Spitzhaube, it is registered as a Swiss breed.

Herman van Olst started around the early eighties. The popularity of the Appenzellers was fading at that time. To make the breed more popular, Van Olst decided to start breeding it as a bantam. At the same time he would like to make more colours. He started with a gold-black spangled Appenzeller male and a splash Dutch Bantam female, because of the blue-factor in it. With that combination he could make a lot of colours. The only three chicks that came out were also gold-blue as expected with double combs and a small neck-crest.

Apart from the size, there is only one difference with the Appenzeller Spitzhaube: The Appenzeller Pointed Crest Bantam can only be standardized in two-coloured spangled.
Silver-black and Gold-black spangled are standardized now in the Netherlands. All colours must have a spangled tail. Characteristic is the narrow, a little bit forward incline, feather pointed crest on the head in combination with the two small horned combs.

Male: 600-800 g (22-28 ounce) ring: 12 mm
Female: 500-700 g (18-25 ounce) ring: 10 or 11 mm
Egg weight: 36 g (1,3 ounce)

For more information please contact:

Herman van Olst
phone: 00(31)575-551903